AWARD 2018

SMART ILLUMINATION AWARD 2018 Smart Illumination Yokohama 2013 Photo: Hideo Mori

Smart Illumination Yokohama is an international art event which started following the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake. The event is held in an effort to create the nightscapes of Yokohama for the new era by integrating energy conservation and art. 
Last year we had more than 180,000 visitors, and 2018 will be the 8th year that became our regular annual event celebrating the fall season in Yokohama.
Based on this objective, Smart Illumination Award aims to discover talented artists who design the nightscapes in the future. We look forward to receiving aspiring works that produce ‘world-class, creative Yokohama nightscapes’ and propose lighting concepts and nightscape concepts suitable for the era of environmentally-friendlly technology.


Application Period

The deadline for applications : July 31 (Tue) 17:00 must arrive

Primary screening

Early August

(Scheduled to be confirmed to participants)

Below schedule is for the qualifiers of the primary screening.

Exhibition Outline Application Form submission deadline Wednesday September 18th
carrying in / setting Tuesday, October 30th between 10am to 9:00pm and Wednesday, October 31st between 10am to 3pm
Exhibition period Wednesday October 30st to Sunday November 4th 17:30-21:30
Final selection Sunday, November 4th 20:00 onwards(to be confirmed)

Call for entries

What We Look For

Art works and products that propose the way of using the light for the new era with consideration of energy conservation,based on the concept of Smart Illumination Yokohama.

※The styles of the works does not matter such as installation, media arts, landscape designs or guest-involving work.

Exhibition fee


Exhibition Location

Please choose an exhibition location you prefer.

※Please note that we may not be able to accommodate your preferred location due to the venue restriction.

Exhibition Map(PDF)

Application method


Please fill out the application form(5pages), send them to Smart Illumination Award 2018 Organization either via email or post.

Submission Items

Application form A~E (5pages)

A.Applicant information/B. Outline of the work/ C. Work image etc./D. Applicant's biography/E. Previous works

Please download the application from the link below.

※Please print in A4 size.


Send To

Address:9F Koyo Building., 2-2 Sakuragi-cho, Naka-ku, YOKOHAMA 231-0062, JAPAN

Smart Illumination Award 2018 Organization (Pep Planning Corporation)


Grand Prize (one winner)

  • ・100,000 yen and award certificate
  • ・Invitation to the next year's Smart Illumination Yokohama as a artist.
    (if Smart Illumination Yokohama 2019 is held)

Incentive award (two winners)

  • ・50,000 yen and award certificate

※Works of all qualifiers of the primary screening will be exhibited at Smart Illumination Yokohama 2018.

※Selected excellent works will be posted on the official website for Smart Illumination Yokohama 2018.


Judges( in Japanese syllabary order)

  • Tsutomu Okada (Art Director, Smart Illumination Yokohama 2018 /  Senior Curator,Spiral)

    Tsutomu Okada (Art Director, Smart Illumination Yokohama 2018 / Senior Curator,Spiral)

    OKADA was born in 1963. He joined Wacoal Art Center in 1988 and currently he is the senior curator of Spiral, a complex of cultural facilities run by Wacoal Art Center.

    He is in charge of organizing contemporary art exhibitions at Spiral, as well as producing exhibitions and public art projects for other facilities. He served as the curator of the official art program for Expo Aichi 2005.

    In addition, he has become the art director of Zou-no-hana-terrace, an art space of Yokohama since 2009 and he has become the art director of"Smart Illumination Yokohama" since 2011.

  • Masao Koizumi (Architect/Partner at Koizumi Atelier/Professor at Tokyo Metropolitan University, Dr. Eng.)

    Masao Koizumi (Architect/Partner at Koizumi Atelier/Professor at Tokyo Metropolitan University, Dr. Eng.)

    KOIZUMI’s main fields of architects are such as the schools, halls, and eco-friendly buildings. He designs widely from houses, public architecture, squares and town development. His major works in yokohama: Open Ended House (2004) / ZOU-NO-HANA Park & Terrace (2009) / Koganecho New Studio Site-D (2011) / Konan Ward Office and Fire Station (2017)/ Kotobuki Welfare Center and municipal housing are expected to be completed in 2019.

  • Katsuhiko Shimizu (Director of Culture, Art, Creative City Promotion Department, Yokohama Cultural and Tourism Bureau)

    Katsuhiko Shimizu (Director of Culture, Art, Creative City Promotion Department, Yokohama Cultural and Tourism Bureau)

    Katsuhiko Shimizu entered to Yokohama City Government in 1983. He has experienced with a wide range of business such as business reorganization, publicity, personal information protection, IT utilizing promotion etc, related to city administration management. Since 2016, he became the exective director of Yokohama Arts Foundation, and from April 2018, he took the current post as the director of Culture, Art, Creative City Promotion Department at Yokohama Cultural and Tourism Bureau.

  • Eisuke Tachikawa (NOSIGNER)

    Eisuke Tachikawa (Design Strategist, CEO/Founder of NOSIGNER, Guest Associate Professor at Keio University Graduate School of System Design and Management)

    Eisuke Tachikawa is a CEO of NOSIGNER, a design activity group with a philosophy of designing the shape of the society (implementation of society with designing), and figuring out the system of coming up with the ideas(structuring the intelligence with designing).
    He has worked beyond the field of architecture, graphic design and product as a designer/design strategist, and he had awarded more than 50 prizes at major design competitions in Japan and overseas, including Good Design Gold Award and Design for Asia Grand Award (Hong Kong).
    Just 40 hours after Great East Japan Earthquake occurred, he launched WIKI ‘OLIVE,’ a platform where people can share helpful designs at the time of disasters. This ignited the movement of disaster reduction designs after great earthquakes, and led him to do the art direction (in cooperation with Dentsu Inc.) of Tokyo Bousai (“Disaster Preparedness Tokyo”) booklet, issued more than 7.8 million copies, distributed to every household that became the largest scale of antidisaster plan held by Japanese Government.

  • Masato Nobutoki(Chairman, Smart Illumination Yokohama Executive Committee / YOKOHAMA National University )

    Masato Nobutoki(Chairman, Smart Illumination Yokohama Executive Committee / Visiting Professor, Yokohama National University )

    Masato Nobutoki graduated from Tokyo University, majored in the department of urban engineering. After he had worked at Mitsubishi Corporation (information industry, development and construction, finance), he held prominent positions such as a project/event officer for Expo 2005 Aichi Japan(in charge of a governmental exhibition project ‘Planning and managing Japanese Pavillion and special events sponsored by Japanese government’), project professor at Tokyo University graduate school(involving the launch of UDCK), a trustee responsible for urban development strategy, at Department of Urban Development and a senior general manager at the headquarters of climate change policy for City of Yokohama, and so on. He has promoted Yokohama Smart City Project and FutureCity Project, and finally got involved with launching Smart Illumination Award. In addition, he is working as a adjunct and part-time teacher at Tokyo University Master’s program in sustainable urban regeneration, an affiliate professor at Kobe University etc.

Screening Criteria

Our judges will discuss and choose the works based on the following points;

  • Level of planning ... the work becomes a new nightscape production that was never seen before, based of the concept of Smart Illumination Award.
  • Level of art ... the work achieves the virtue, high quality, and consists as a light-themed artwork.
  • Level of technique ... the work utilizes new environmental technology effectively.

Result Announcement

It will be announced on Sunday 4th November (the final day of the exhibition period) at the award ceremony first then updated on the official website for Smart Illumination Yokohama 2018 in late November.

Entry condition and reminders ※Please check the following things before applying.

Entry condition and reminders

For the applicants

  • ・In principle, applicants(exhibitors) produce, set up, remove and manage their own work.
  • ・Applicants(exhibitors) will be in charge of handling their own work if it is a guest-involving style, or needs manipulation.
  • ・Applicants(exhibitors) will be in charge of explaining the work to the guests as much as possible.
  • ・The competition is open to all nationalities and ages.

Support provided for exhibitors from overseas *Maximum of 3 solo/group work among the received applications.

We will provide financial support to exhibitors who reside overseas (as of October 2018) described as below.

  • ・Travel expense: Up to 100,000 yen


Exhibitors must be able to speak either Japanese or English. Exhibitors will be responsible for transporting their works.

About your work

  • ・Whether the work proposes the light for the new era and promote energy conservation, based on the concept of Smart Illumination Yokohama.
  • ・The work needs to be the one that is able to stand on its own or with weights.
  • ・The organizer assumes no responsibility for any accidents or damages happened to the work during the exhibition period.
  • ・The maximum electric capacity will be up to 3amperes and the work needs to be accommodated within the capacity. So please plan ahead based on this point.
  • ・The applicants(exhibitors) cannot set up the base of anchors at the existing facilities such as bars, columns and panel lights, neither on the paved surface or ground. The work must not deface or damage the facility. If any damages are caused to the public property, the exhibitors will be required to restore to the original state.
  • ・If the work makes any sounds, please control them not to disturb the others’ work. Further, the volume must be at a level where it will not be heard outside the park.
  • ・The installation location will be confirmed after the meeting in the office. Exhibitors may be asked to change the plan due to the security reasons, laws, or other circumstances such as facility management.
  • ・The work needs to be prepare for the outdoor site, and to be considered throughly or waterproof, prevention from electric leakage and strong wind. For the operational nature if it might be dangerous, the office will ask the exhibitors to consider the immediate solution.

Provisions regarding the rights of submitted works

  • ・The copyright belongs to the exhibitor, however the usage right to promote Smart Illumination Yokohama in print, publication, exhibition or through the website, will be held by Smart Illumination Yokohama exective committee.
  • ・The names, ages, and the past experiences of the winners as well as the images of their works will be disclosed in print media, the website, and the press. In principle, the applicants' personal information will not be used or disclosed to any third parties without their permission except in cases where usage/disclosure is permitted by law, for purposes other than above.
  • ・All applicants must ensure in advance that their works do not infringe copyright or intellectual property right of any third parties. Please check if the copyright license is obtained.
  • ・The work must be the applicant's original work that has not been released in Japan or overseas in the past.
  • ・The prize will be paid after deducting the withholding tax and the reconstruction special income tax.
  • ・The work will be disqualified in case any acts promoting the activities of antisocial forces are evident. If such acts are revealed after awarding the prize, the prize will be withdrawn without a formal demand. Furthermore, the organization will not be liable to any damages caused.

Dealing with personal information

All applicants’ personal information is used by the organizer and the production cooperative company (Pep Planning Corporation) for receiving the applicants’ works and inquires, noticing the result of the examination, following up any points they need for the competition and letting them know next opportunities. In principle, apart from the case based on the laws and regulations, they will not provide or use the personal information to the third parties without their permission. For more cases regarding dealing with the personal information, please refer to the privacy policy on the website of the production cooperative company (Pep Planning Corporation)


City of Yokohama


Smart Illumination Award 2018 Organization (Pep Plannning Corporation)